Pomelo No. 15/2
Pomelo No. 15/2
Pomelo No. 15/2
Pomelo No. 15/2

Pomelo No. 15/2

Laura Itkonen

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Size: ∅ 8,5cm, height 16,5cm

Colors: Light khaki, ochre, speckled white, light pink, pastel yellow

Pomelo No.15/2 is a sculpture in spirit but also a mini vase in practice. Glazed inside and therefore suitable for cut flowers. The sculptural vase is handmade by the artist and designer Laura Itkonen in her own studio in Helsinki, Finland. Material: stained porcelain. Capacity 2,2dl.

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Stained porcelain

Genuine platinum, gold or copper coating


Capasity 220 ml

Diameter: 8,5 cm

Height: 16,5 cm


Each product is handmade and unique and differ in nuance, coloring and decorative pattern.

Due to the nature of the material, platinum coating might have some patina on it.


Care: Handwash recommended. The lid should be carefully wiped only with dry cloth.

Safety: Food safe glazing inside of the cup. The outer surface of the cup is unglazed.


Manufacturing: 3 weeks
These items are either in stock or made-to-order as stated above. The average production time is 3 weeks.

Finland 1-5 days
International 7-14 days

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