Loyalty Program Terms and Conditions

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Loyalty Program Terms and Conditions

 1. The purpose of UU Market Oy's (hereinafter referred to as "UU Market") Loyalty Program is to bring UU Market news to the customer. The rules are not intended to limit any consumer rights.

2. In order to participate in UU Market's customer program, you must be at least 18 years of age, subject to applicable compulsory legislation. Participating in a client program requires that the customer explicitly accepts these terms and keeps them binding. This is done by joining the program on the website www.uumarket.fi.

3. Information on how to process your personal information is available in our Privacy Statement.

4. Membership of UU Market's client program is personal and only the member can make related purchases to the client program, unless otherwise stated.

 5. For UU Market to be able to serve the program members in the best possible way, we recommend members to update their contact information as they change. Members can update their contact information by logging in to their UU Market online store at www.uumarket.fi or by contacting customer service at info@uumarket.fi. Members have the right to terminate their membership by sending an e-mail to: info@uumarket.fi

6. UU Market reserves the right, without notice, to terminate its client program and to modify its terms. Changes to the terms will be announced by publishing updated terms on the UU Market website.

7. UU Market has the right to terminate membership at any time if such member has violated UU Market's Client Program Terms. A member can withdraw from UU Market's client at any time without notice by sending an e-mail to info@uumarket.fi. You can cancel a newsletter subscription by clicking on the link in the newsletter or by contacting the customer service.

8. UU Market's loyalty program organizer and manager is UU Market Oy, e-mail: info@uumarket.fi

9. Unless otherwise required by applicable mandatory laws, UU Market's loyalty program is construed in accordance with and governed by the laws of Finland.

See UU Market's Privacy Statement.



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