Serving It No. 7
Serving It No. 7
Serving It No. 7
Serving It No. 7
Serving It No. 7

Serving It No. 7

Milla Vaahtera

Unique piece
Size: ~ 30 x 30 cm
Pick-up available in Helsinki, Finland

Re-imaging serving as sculptures. In 2021 Milla Vaahtera started a series of unique sculptural serving objects from free-blown glass. These objects can be used in two ways, either as a serving tray or as vases, but most importantly they are sculptures. Milla Vaahtera is beginning a new series rethinking the objects of home as sculptures.

Glassblowers: Paula Pääkkönen, Sani Lappalainen, Otto Koivuranta, Jukka Viuha, Penna Tornberg and many other glassblowers from Nuutajärvi.

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Free-blown glass


Small: ~ 15 x 15 cm

Medium: ~ 30 x 30 cm

Large: ~ 40 x 40 cm


Small: Red - Lilac

Medium: Green - Baby blue

Large: Vanilla - Peach


Each piece is unique and handcrafted.

The vessels can be used in two ways: either as a vase or as a serving tray.


Small red-lilac 'Serving It No. 8':
Delivery starting from 13th of February


Finland 1-5 days
Worldwide 5-20 days

Helsinki, Finland

Made in Nuutajärvi & Helsinki, Finland



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