Marquis No. 24
Marquis No. 24
Marquis No. 24
Marquis No. 24
Marquis No. 24
Marquis No. 24
Marquis No. 24

Marquis No. 24

Laura Itkonen

Unique ceramic ready-to-hang wall mural
Colors: Taupe, copper, Finnish red earthenware
Size: Large, 98 x 290 cm
Pick-up available in Helsinki, Finland

Marquis is a series of unique ceramic mural works, where the focus is on the compositions and contrasts. It's a mixture of its sources of inspiration; the colors, forms and architectural spirit of the 70's and Art Deco -style. Together the reflecting metallics, soft matte tones and visually clear shapes create an outcome that catches the eye.

Various techniques have been used in this work from 3D printing to traditional handbuilding methods. Together they form an art piece with different structures and textures. Each piece has small metal loops in the back for wall mounting with a screw or nail, assembling instructions are included.

Laura Itkonen is a designer and artist, who has been taking over the Finnish and international contemporary ceramic scene with her tactile, architectural wall ceramics as well as with her collectible sculptural design pieces.

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Stained porcelain

Copper lustres

Finnish red earthenware

Metal wire loops in the back for wall mounting


Marquis No. 24
Height: 98 cm
Width: 290 cm

Wall Sculpture No. 80
Height: 14 cm
Width: 16 cm

Wall Sculpture No. 81
Height: 30 cm
Width: 18 cm


Each product is handmade and unique and differ in nuance, coloring and decorative pattern


Finland 1-5 days
International 7-14 days

Helsinki, Finland


Assembling instructions come with the piece

Wall mounting recommended with screws or nails depending on the wall material



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