Imprint series #1, Clear
Imprint series #1, Clear
Imprint series #1, Clear
Imprint series #1, Clear
Imprint series #1, Clear

Imprint series #1, Clear

Hannakaisa Pekkala

Imprint sculptures are a series of lighting objects, which started as a study of different patterns on free blown glass. The idea was born during the glassblowing process, when the designer tested different molds with the glassblowers to see how the opposite pattern pressed on the glass. When the light is switched on, the mood and color of the objects change. The wall mounting parts are made of brass.

Each sculpture comes with a separate remote control, with which you can change the intensity of light. The plastic cord is 4 meters long with a switch on it and a led driver. Place for wall hanging on the backside. The glass parts are handblown in Nuutajärvi Glassvillage, Finland.

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Free blown glass

Handcrafted brass


Plastic cords


Clear 14 x 8 cm

Sky blue 14 x 9 cm

Ochre 16 x 11 cm

Pale blush 11,5 x 7,5 cm

Care instructions

Glass parts can be wiped carefully with slightly wet cloth. The brass parts may naturally change its color darker in time.


Dimmable LED-spot inside, white plastic cord. Package includes LED driver and remote control.

Place for screw hanging on the back.



Finland 1-7 days
International 7-14 days

Pick-up in Helsinki, Finland



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