Caramelo II, sculpture
Caramelo II, sculpture
Caramelo II, sculpture
Caramelo II, sculpture
Caramelo II, sculpture

Caramelo II, sculpture

Laura Pehkonen

Caramelo II is a ceramic sculpture by artist Laura Pehkonen. This sculpture is a combination of wood and electric kiln firing: there's a dark brown wood fired surface underneath, layered with her signature style of colorful glazes on top.

The wood firing is done in an ancient-style anagama oven. The firing is a process of its own which takes three days and hours of work through days and nights. The fire, flames and ash in the kiln create a special and unique outcome that can’t be achieved any other way.

Pehkonen's sculptures combine many different techniques. She likes to make abstract art, in order to give the viewer the freedom of imagination. Her works are a bit odd, visual items that raises questions and provokes thoughts. Each sculpture is unique and handcrafted by the artist.

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Hand built stoneware, glazes, melted glass

Arch de Triomphe
Caramelo II (violet)

Hand built wood fired ceramics, glazes


Height 27 cm
Width 18 cm

Arc de Triomphe:
Height 39 cm
Width 21 cm

Caramelo II (Violet):
Height 38 cm
Width 20 cm


Each sculpture is unique, hand built and signed by the artist


Finland 1-5 days
International 7-14 days

Helsinki, Finland


Available for private viewing at our showroom in Atelje Töölö, Helsinki, Finland.




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