Bunny No. 5, Baby blue

Bunny No. 5, Baby blue

Viivi Lehto

Bunny glass sculptures bring a little bit more magic and happiness into the world. Bunny and owl are the artist's Viivi Lehto's totem animals, which are often represented in her works. One of her childhood favorite books is the story of Alice in the Wonderland. Sometimes in her garden, she's almost sure she just sow the White Rabbit. 

Lehto began to work with ‘Garden’ series early spring 2019. The Garden series represents unruliness, playful growth and freedom of spirit. Series consists of colorful and multidimensional glass sculptures. All of the works are made free-blown technique in Nuutajärvi Glass Village, Finland.

Glassblowers: Paula Pääkkönen, Otto Koivuranta, Sani Lappalainen

Finishing: Tommi Tikkinen

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Pink Bunny
"Totoro" shape
Height: 25-35 cm

Baby Blue Bunny
Small bunny
Height: 25-35 cm


Free blown glass


Each Bunny is unique and vary in shape and size

Pink bunny with light green ears

Baby blue bunny with grey ears


Finland 1-5 days
Worldwide 1-10 days

Pick-up in Helsinki


Each Bunny is numbered and signed by the artist



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