Sculptural Series, B-52 No.7

Sculptural Series, B-52 No.7

Laura Itkonen

Unique piece, 1 in stock
Colors: Lavender, ochre, platinum

Sculptural Series is an on-going collection of collectible design objects, small porcelain vessels bringing together art and function. They are sculptures with different approaches, used as the platform for designer Laura Itkonen's studies of materials, colors, techniques and forms. Playing with contrasts is the cornerstone of her creations.

It is suitable for your dearest treasures as well as for food. The metal parts are coated with genuine platinum, gold or copper. The cup is dishwasher safe. The lid has a delicate decoration on top and thus it’s recommended to wash it by hand.

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Sculptural Series B-52 No. 8:
Handbuilt black porcelain
Platinum coating on the lid
Light coral porcelain cup

Sculptural Series B-52 No. 7:
Handbuilt light yellow porcelain
Platinum coating on the lid
Lavender porcelain cup


Capasity 100ml

Diameter 6,0 cm

Sculptural Series B-52 No. 8:
Height 11,5 cm

Sculptural Series B-52 No. 7:
Height 10,5 cm


Each product is handmade and unique and differ in nuance, coloring and decorative pattern.


Care: Handwash recommended. The lid should be carefully wiped only with dry cloth.

Safety: Food safe glazing inside of the cup.


Unique pieces, 1 in stock.

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International 7-14 days

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