Marble Evening
Marble Evening

Marble Evening

Minni Havas

Marble blanket is a beautiful abstract play of colors and textures. The pattern creates an image of hard stone on it's soft surface. Available in two options: light "Marble Morning" and darker "Marble Evening". 

The blankets are designed to combine everyday object and art. Being both useful and beautiful, it’s a moodmaker that becomes a central part of decoration.

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190 cm x 155 cm

Camofruit Morning
Camofruit by Night
Camofruit Bright

Plant Lady Morning
Plant Lady Bright

Fruity Evening

Marble Morning
Marble Evening

Saturns Green
Saturns Pink

185 x 150 cm



50% fine merino wool

50% soft acrylic

The material is certified
Oeko-tex 100

Pool blanket:
100% Organic cotton

Care Instructions

The design is knit-in the blanket and is extremely easy to care

Wash by hands or carefully
in 30°C wool program


Limited edition.

Few available per model.

Shipping: 1-5 days


Designed and packed in Helsinki, Finland

Knitted in Germany



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