PRE-ORDER Camofruit Morning
PRE-ORDER Camofruit Morning

PRE-ORDER Camofruit Morning

Minni Havas

This blanket belongs to the Pre-order Collection of Spring 2021 by Minni Havas. Pre-order is open until end of January (31.1.2021). Blankets will go in production on February and the estimated delivery time is by the end of the month. Further information about the delivery will be given for the customers via email.

Camofruit blankets blend together inspiration from pop culture and nature, bringing joy with its bright colors and exotic fantasy fruits. The design is inspired by how duplicating one pattern creates a totally new design. The result is mesmerizing camouflage and that’s where the name Camofruit comes from.

The blankets are designed to combine everyday object and art. Being both useful and beautiful, it’s a moodmaker that becomes a central part of decoration.

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190 x 155 cm

Fruity Tropical
Fruity Morning

Camofruit Morning
Camofruit Evening

Marble Morning


Saturns Green
Saturns Pink

185 x 150 cm

Flying Daisies


Other models:
50% fine merino wool
50% soft acrylic

Flying Daisies:
100% cotton

The material is certified
Oeko-tex 100

Care Instructions

The design is knit-in the blanket and is extremely easy to care

Wash by hands or carefully
in 30°C wool program


Pre-order available for Spring 2021 collection

Limited editions, few available per model

Shipping: 1-5 days


Designed and packed in Helsinki, Finland

Knitted in Germany



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