Drago glass, Medium
Drago glass, Medium
Drago glass, Medium

Drago glass, Medium

Katerina Krotenko

Drago series is inspired by the form-making of nature. Each glass object has a unique texture of burning wood. Furthermore, the shape is changing continuously, and each piece differs from the other. The wood for the moulds is consciously selected to achieve a variety of structures. This project is as much about glass as about wood. The series of sculptural glassware highlights the true beauty and value of these precious materials. That is why, the project is called by the slavic word drago, meaning beloved or precious.

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Small glass: 6 cm

Taller small glass: 7 cm

Medium vessel: 10-12 cm


Clear glass blown into wooden mold


Each piece is unique and vary in dimensions, texture, shape and weight due to the making process


Finland 1-5 days
Worldwide 1-10 days

Pick-up in Helsinki


Glassblowing made in Nuutajärvi, Finland

Finishing and cold working  in Helsinki, Finland



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