Wall Sculpture No. 90
Wall Sculpture No. 90
Wall Sculpture No. 90

Wall Sculpture No. 90

Laura Itkonen

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Unique five-part ceramic relief

Colors: Matte taupe, glossy copper

This piece is part of artist Laura Itkonen's on-going series of ceramic wall compositions, where colors, forms and textures play the main role.

Wall Sculpture No. 90 is a five-part wall work made of porcelain and decorated with copper coatings. This work is covered with an earthy colored glaze that has a very lively matte finish. Various techniques has been used in this work from 3D printing to basic handformed methods. Together they form an art piece with different structures and textures.

Wall Sculptures is a numbered series of unique ready-made ceramic wall pieces. This work is ready to be hung and fastened to the wall, each part with one or two nails or screws. The work comes with an installation template. Signed.

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Stained porcelain

Copper lustres

Finnish red earthenware

Metal wire loops in the back for wall mounting


Wall Sculpture No. 89
Height: 46 cm
Width: 31 cm

Wall Sculpture No. 90
Height: 67 cm
Width: 80 cm

Wall Sculpture No. 99
Height: 20 cm
Width: 4 cm

Wall Sculpture No. 100
Height: 20 cm
Width: 4 cm


Each product is handmade and unique and differ in nuance, coloring and decorative pattern


Finland 1-5 days
International 7-14 days

Helsinki, Finland


Assembling instructions included in the package

Wall mounting recommended with screws or nails depending on the wall material



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