Mini vases, rowan
Mini vases, rowan
Mini vases, rowan
Mini vases, rowan

Mini vases, rowan

Paula Pääkkönen

Mini vases shine in colors of flower meadows and snowy forests. As the name refers, their miniature size is designed to showcase single flowers, branches and tokens. The inspiration came from the moments when you want to bring a little piece of nature home with you. Mini vases cherish longer the moment of discovering something precious.

The colors of the vases resemble particular plants in Finnish nature, so even when empty they remind you of nature. There are two sets according to the season’s color, winter and summer. You can also create your own set by picking up your favorite colors. The two sizes create interesting balance when put together.

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Free blown glass


Aspen (grey)

Birch (white)

Coltsfoot (yellow)

Clover (pink)

Mossgreen (green)

Rowan (orange)


Mini Ø 5-7 cm

Small Ø 7-9 cm


The intensity of the colors varies.

The shape of the vase is varying from ball to ellipse.

When you order a group of vases, the designer makes sure they go together.


Manufacturing: 1 month

Shipping: 1-5 days

Made in Nuutajärvi Glassvillage, Finland



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