Caffe Latte Bite
Caffe Latte Bite

Caffe Latte Bite

Paula Pääkkönen

Unique piece
Size: Large 40 x 22 x 8 cm
Pick-up available in Helsinki, Finland.

The Assorted Flavours are a series of ice creams, that show the beauty and delicacy of glass as a material, whilst being playful and bringing joy to any space. The beautiful colors and techniques catch the eye. The unique color of each piece changes according to light and its background color, as glass is a reflective material.

Paula Pääkkönen is a glassblower and an artist, whose series of colourful glass ice creams has been noticed all around the world. The series works with the themes of childhood, memories, imagination and bringing light to darkness - colour to the grey. Pääkkönen uses time consuming glass sculpting techniques to bring life to these sculptures, as she tries to capture the act of biting or movement of crashing into the ground to this seemingly rigid material of glass.

Each piece is signed by the artist. The sculpture is mounted with two screws according to the wall material - the sculpture has two holes with silicone lining on the back side for hanging

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Freeblown glass

Wall Sculptures:
Holes in the backside for screw-hanging in a wall


Weights: 1,5-3 kg


Orange Toffee
30 × 20 × 10 cm

Caffe Latte Bite
40 x 22 x 8 cm

Lavender Bite
42 x 22 x 7 cm 


Each ice cream is unique piece and varies in shape and size


Finland 1-10 days
Worldwide 5-20 days
Pick-up in Helsinki

Made in Nuutajärvi, Finland


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