Amphora vase, terracotta
Amphora vase, terracotta

Amphora vase, terracotta

Monica Romagnoli

The Amphora vases are a contemporary interpretation of ancient Greek vases, where paintings were used to tell stories and events of that time. The relief figures perform everyday activities in today's world, taking selfies and carrying groceries. To get the end result, the designer has 3D-scanned herself and then 3D-printed the figures. After that the 3D-models have been used for slipcasting.

Transforming the idea into three-dimensional reliefs and mixing the eternal ceramic slip casting technique with the modern technology creates an interesting balance. The vases are both traditional and modern, combining handcrafted and machine made parts.

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White clay

Terracotta clay

Wooden lid


35 x 25 x 25 cm

Weight 2 kg


The vases are handcrafted.

Each one of the series is unique and one-off.


Finland 1-5 days
Worldwide 1-10 days

Pick up in Helsinki

Made in Helsinki, Finland



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